What is YOUR Definition of Diversity?


What is YOUR Definition of Diversity?

It was brought to my attention that a fellow blogger who will remain nameless feels diversity is only based on race when it comes to Human Relations…

I thought diversity was in relation to not only race, but religion, ethnicity, type, niche, really anything that makes 1 person different than another. So I looked up the definition.

Diversity: noun, plural di·ver·si·ties.

1.the state or fact of being diverse;  difference; unlikeness.
2. variety; multiformity.
3. a point of difference.
So in case you read my site this is the definition of being diverse…not the definition you seem to have conjured up in your one sided thought process. How about turning over a new leaf and actually helping others, instead of constantly bringing them down? Usually someone that has to take others down in order to make themselves feel better or bigger aren’t very diverse at all.
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  1. My definition of diversity is being diverse hahahah! No, in all honesty diversity is having interests in many things. Music tastes. I like rock, some rap, country, some oldies, 80’s music, the list goes on. My taste in music is diverse. My friends. I have friends who are all colors, ethnicities, religions, and sexual preferences. That makes my friendships diverse.
    It is not solely based on race, religion or any one thing. People make me angry. I hate when people make things about themselves. That is NOT diverse, it is selfish and stupid. The end! lol

  2. Sounds like your fellow blogger needs to open up a dictionary!! You don’t just get to make up your own definitions of a word.

    • When I was in elementary school; I remember thinking…”someday…everyone will be considered/looked at equal…” can’t believe over 35 years later we seem more apart than we were then. I love people based on them as people…not by the color of their skin, the God that they pray to, or their sexual orientation… guess that makes me diverse in my attitude and way of life… :) Thank you for your comment Sadie!

  3. Thanks for this Becky! I actually got into an argument along these lines this morning, so I needed it!


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