We All Bleed Red…Don’t We?

We All Bleed Red…Don’t We?


We All Bleed Red by Ronnie Dunn

This song has been in my mind for a few days now. Some will understand why, while others will remain clueless. I just think it all boils down to We all “Bleed Red”. Thank you for any comments, and for stopping by!

Lyrics to “Bleed Red” By Ronnie Dunn

“Bleed Red”

Let’s say were sorry, before it’s too late, give forgiveness a chance
Turn the anger into water; let it slip through our hands
We all bleed red, we all taste rain, all fall down, lose our way,
We all say words we regret, we all cry tears, we all bleed redIf we’re fighting, we’re both losing; we’re just wasting our time
Because my scars, they are your scars and your world is mine
You and I, we all bleed red, we all taste rain, all fall down, lose our way
We all say words, we regret, well cry tears, we all bleed red
Sometimes we’re strong, sometimes we’re weak, sometimes we’re hurt and it cuts deep
We live this life, breath to breath, we’re all the same; we all bleed red

Let’s say we’re sorry…
Before it’s too late…

We all bleed red, all taste rain, all fall down, lose our way,
We all say words we regret, we all cry tears we all bleed red,
Sometimes we’re strong, sometimes we’re weak; sometimes we’re hurt
It cuts deep; we live this life breath to breath; we’re all the same
We all bleed r-e-e-e-d-d-d

We are all the same basically on the inside, some of us are missing our appendix or a kidney; but how many of you are missing your heart?  Just something to think about.
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  1. Well, I can say, I am not missing my heart — literally or figuratively. I think I’d really miss that (smile)!

  2. LOVE THIS! In the end it boils down to this: we are all God’s children. I want to treat you the way I would if He was watching me – OH, HE IS!

  3. <3 Truer words never spoken!

  4. Great song. It makes you think.

  5. I LOVE this song. I always sing along when I hear it. And yes, we ALL bleed red, no matter what religion, color, creed, sexual orientation, belief system we have. That is the ONE thing we ALL have in common!

  6. Amen! We’re all the same inside!

  7. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this whole post… Especially when you talk about some people being a little different due to not having an appendix or something, lol :)

  9. Excellent song!! Husband agrees too!

  10. There has been accusations that everyone in my town is raciest, backwards, dumb and out for money from a person that has only possibly met 1 woman who may not even live in my town. I set the man straight and told him we all bleed red!

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