The Magic Christmas Key Book Review

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the magic christmas key

The Magic Christmas Key Review

Disclosure:  I was given a copy of this book to facilitate The Magic Christmas Key Review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Looking back as I was growing up, Christmastime always held many memories.  I remember some of the toys, but I couldn’t recite to you which ones were my favorite ones.  What I can tell you is what our family traditions were. Going to get our Christmas Tree and decorating it as a family. Waking up Christmas morning to the tree already lit, and sitting together as we opened our presents one at a time.  Spending time with extended family, all a part of our family traditions  These are just a few of my examples of  ‘how family values make holiday memories that last a lifetime.’

While growing up we were allowed to believe in Santa Claus.  This was part of the magic that I enjoyed, looking back, when I was a child.   All things are possible when you believe.  Don’t get me wrong; I know Santa doesn’t fly around the country dropping presents off in chimney’s, as well as I know the Grinch didn’t take them in Whoville.

This book is such a special story….

About The Magic Christmas Key Story:

Andy believes in Christmas, and encouraged by his grandfather, begins a marvelous adventure that starts with the gift of San’ts Magic Christmas Key.  His papa asks Andy to keep the key safe.  But Andy, in spite of good intentions, allows the Magic Key to get into the hands of others.  The fun-loving chaos that ensues requires Andy to be honest and brave, leading him to Santa Claus himself.  Andy learned that indeed, All Things are Possible When You Believe.  Leann Smith’s charming tale and Kip Richmond’s rich and beautiful illustrations will become a part of your family’s holiday tradition for years to come.  This is an unforgettable Christmas story for any age, with a powerful message for all.

Santa’s Magic Christmas Key:

Made with magic at his North Pole workshop, Santa’s Magic Christmas Key was created especially for those who believe.  Begin this wonderful tradition by hanging The Magic Key on your front door this Christmas Eve to be sure that Santa himself will visit that very night, even if you have no fireplace, or the coals are still hot, or you are not in your own home.  While all are tucked snug in their beds, Santa and his team of reindeer will pay a special visit, and you will find the key on the tree when you awaken!

Kids like to believe in something, even if it doesn’t totally make sense when they are little.  Not all families allow Santa to be a part of their tradition, and that is their choice.  But for those that allow this belief even for the short time it lasts these days; this is a perfect book to start a new perfect family tradition.

You can purchase your own The Magic Christmas Key Story (including the Key) for $35.00 .  There are also other cute books and Christmas items your family could enjoy. 

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