Homemade Venison or Beef Jerky: DIY

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Homemade Venison Jerky


Homemade Venison or Beef Jerky: DIY

Every year if my boys get a deer or so besides ground burger, tenderloins, and stew, we make jerky. It is a favorite in our home; even my daughter looks forward to it.  We use a meat grinder,  and a dehydrator . These are Amazon links, but wanted to give you a feel for what I use. Also if you use ground burger you wouldn’t have a need for a meat grinder. Also sliced or cubed beef could be marinated.

On the meat grinder I first use the medium size plate, then run it through the small plate, so it is tender and lean.

homemade venison jerky

Homemade Venison or Beef Jerky: DIY
Recipe type: Snack
Here is our recipe that we use to make our ground jerky. This recipe is per pound so we usually do 5 pounds so we do it times 5 proportion wise.
  • 1# ground venison or ground beef
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp A1 Sweet Mesquite (or any other flavor you prefer: like Hickory etc)
  1. If you need to grind your venison make sure you put it through twice to make it easier to squeeze out onto your trays.
  2. Take your 1# of ground venison or ground beef and put it in a bowl.
  3. Add your salt, sugar and seasoning as I mentioned above or a seasoning of your choice.
  4. Mix by hand, kneading it into the meat to get it throughout your ground meat.
  5. Once you are done you can either put it in the fridge covered for the night OR fill up your 'gun'.
  6. Pack it as full as you can.
  7. Now pressing the gun you can go in strips or start at one side of the 'circle' and carefully squeeze it in a round pattern until you reach the middle or vice versa.
  8. The tray I showed was early on in the process and I did better as I went along.
  9. Our dehydrator has a meat selection on it, but if yours doesn't, then you can time it for 3-4 hours checking it periodically.
  10. You do not want it too hard, but done enough that it isn't 'soft' as it might not be dried through.
  11. I also rotate my trays taking the one from the bottom and putting it on top and rearranging your trays for even drying.
  12. You can also use your oven on a 200-250 setting but this will take you a lot longer and you will want to rotate them and turn them over.
  13. Once done and they have cooled we store them in open zip lock baggies which keeps them fresh but doesn't allow for them to stick together.

Enjoy your homemade venison jerky!

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