Coping with Solopreneurship-5 Things That You Can Do to Feel Supported While Working Alone From Home

I am always surprised to hear how lonesome home business owners feel. In an era where technology has made communication instant, there is no excuse to not feel isolated. Ironically, is the convenience set by said technology, that can isolate us from making real connections.

I, too, have suffered from isolation. Five years of home business confinement does come at a price.  But don`t despair! I have been able to overcome the home business owner blues by doing the following 5 tips;

  1. Find a Friend and Join a Group. I know! Relationships are hard and the internet is scary! I can sympathize. However, if you still have your social skills intact after years of isolation, then you are in luck! The internet is full of sites that cater to any interest and groups that nurture them. Facebook is a prime example of community, and its many groups will provide you with as many contacts as you can handle. Some of those contacts will actually be nice, supportive people! Go ahead and make a friend! Or…
  2. Create a Group.  This one may be a bit ambitious, but if you have made a few friends who share a common interest, that is a group. They, in turn, invite other friends who love what you love and the group grows. A group can give you a deeper insight on who buys your services and even allow you further your reach. This can be a great forum for you to brainstorm ideas, expand your brand, test concepts and even…
  3. Create Partnerships. Now that you have made a friend or two, reach out and make yourself available. Share your knowledge. Mastermind with the leaders in your industry (if you have reached that far). This has actually been particularly helpful to me. Even making connections with other designers in the same industry I am in, has helped me make meaningful business connections, share my knowledge and even create partnerships that are profitable for both of us.
  4. Meet on Skype. Or Google Meeting Place. Made some friends? Business connections? Then, take advantage of video calling and the fact that is still free.  Video chat is the next best thing to meeting someone face to face. I have bi-weekly meetings with partners and distributors in Europe, and weekly meetings in New York and I could not have done it without video chat. Being able to put more than a still face to a contact, hear their voice will solidify your connection and create loyal friends. But if all else fails…
  5. Get off your duff and meet someone! I know this will mean you will need to brush your hair and wear something other than your PJs (hopefully full body sanitation will take place) :), but you will indulge in the rare delight of a face to face business meeting. I have been lucky enough to travel to NYC just to meet a few clients or as cozy as to just drive to a local restaurant and meet a client.  It is fun, gets you a much needed computer break and opens you up to many wonderful experiences.

Notice I did not mention communal working spaces. These places will rent you a space a month for you to bring your laptop and work with other people who rather not work from home. If you are going to do that, why not go to Starbucks?  There are essentially one in the same, you get out of the house, pay someone for something, (at least at Starbucks you get good coffee!) and still put up with people speaking too loud.

The benefits of creating connections are priceless. Cultivating relationships that are worth while will take time and even risking meeting a few crazies. All jokes aside, in this new economical climate, I believe only those business owners who cultivate connections and create meaningful business relationships will stand to survive.

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Elaine Biss is a web designer and illustrator. Her illustrations has been featured on apps, sites and companies such as Dior and New York and Company. She works from home with her 5 children, 3 dogs and one cat, and Mrs. to Mr. Perfect. You can read more at her blog and sample her work at


  1. Great list! Having a fellow blogging friend has helped me feel more connected to something other than my computer while blogging!

    • Musingmom6 says:

      I enjoyed reading this! There are some tips that fit anything and everyone.

      Interestingly, the Internet has been the best way to find like minded people and/or ones that share the same goals.

  2. Great tips especially the last one. I think after a while you get so comfortable in your PJs, scruffy hair look that it becomes a struggle to actually go out into the real world looking civilized. Important! Important! Important! Dress up!!! :)

  3. This is a great post. I work from home but I have my kids around to keep me company and drive me BANANAS all at the same time. Thanks for sharing these great tips though.

  4. Great post!  It’s always nice to have someone to bounce ideas around with!


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