An Uninvited Stranger

Have you ever been scared when you are home alone of an unwanted visitor? I have to admit it has been a fear of mine for quite sometime. I have talked myself out of it many times; being scared that is…. I figure I am careful on Facebook of telling too many of our comings and goings. Honestly if we are away the house is locked up tight; but in the past if I come home alone or with just the kids I check around to make sure everything is just as I left it. We live outside of town and have 5 dogs (well one is a Bassett Hound-so he does not make me feel safe)…But the other 4 all weigh between 40-55 pounds and bark ALOT. This has always made me feel “safe”.  So when I had the uninvited stranger experience last Thursday it changed how I now live.

Now granted I was not harmed physically, but now mentally the non-safe feeling is back. Last Thursday my husband took my son to baseball practice. I had been up til 4am with working and cleaning up after a sick dog-so I was still in bed when they left. We don’t normally lock the house if one of us is still home, so this was not out of the norm for us.

I was laying in bed and the dogs got to barking, again not unusual, especially if Fed-ex or the mailman have to leave a package in our backroom which is off of our kitchen. Our bedroom is off of the kitchen. When we moved into this house it was only a 3 bedroom but my oldest wouldn’t be living here much longer, so I felt eventually we would move into his room. So back to the story…..

So as I was laying there and the dogs were barking their fool heads off, I heard the door open. Oddly no one told them to shut up-another occurrence when my husband comes back from dropping one of the kids off. I thought it was odd so I looked over and there was an older teen-aged boy walking around our kitchen table like he was headed to our living room. My mind was racing-first thinking… who is this kid? why is he in our house? do I know him? Just then he turned his head back like he sensed I was laying there. He looked at me, I looked at him..and he turned around and ran FAST. I swear he said “Oh Shit” as he ran out the back door and through our backroom. I jumped out of bed and threw a sweatshirt on, tried to look out the back window of our bedroom and couldn’t see anything.  I stood there trying to think of what to do…. just then I looked back out and I could see our van parked.

My husband came in and I looked at him and asked “did you see a kid out back?”. He said “No”. Then I said, “there was a teen-aged guy in our kitchen”. THEN he hugged me and I started to cry. He immediately called my brother-in-law, who is the head investigator for our county Sherrif’s department. I got to shaking trying to focus on what he looked like, as I was sure I would be asked. My brother-in-law said he couldn’t run right up but to give him a description. Oddly my husband saw a silver/gray car leaving our road with 3 teen-aged boys in it when he came onto our road. So he gave my brother-in-law a description of the car, and I gave a description of the kid. 5’10-5’11, skinny, dark reddish brown hair with a royal blue baseball cap on, kinda cocked up, baggy, dark, zip up hooded sweatshirt, jeans I was pretty sure.

Pretty soon a Sheriff department car pulled up out front and my husband met him out front. He was going to drive through our road and make sure they weren’t anywhere close by. In the meantime I threw on jeans and my sneakers. My brother-in-law called back, once the deputy came back. He wanted the Deputy to bring me downtown and see if I could make an ID based on our descriptions at one of the local gas stations. This was my first ride in the back seat of a police car (or front for that matter). I was all uptight, I hadn’t had a shower..lol I know odd thing to be  nervous about or maybe it was all of the ‘what if’s’ going through my mind. We pulled in and the teen-ager that was sitting on the sidewalk was not him. I can’t say he wasn’t with the other kid but the other kid wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I didn’t really think they would find him; and if they did he didn’t ‘break any laws’, our back door was unlocked, he didn’t steal anything.

The things that bother me most are: why our house? why didn’t our dogs attack him? I mean they backed right off, yet he wasn’t anyone I had ever seen before. He walked in like he owned the place-so maybe they sensed his confidence? Our dogs aren’t mean by nature but their hairs raise sometimes when one of the kids’ friends visit.

SO what have I learned?

  • lock our doors if I am alone, or if any of us are here alone.
  • if something like this ever happens again (which I am hoping not) immediately call 911. Possibly they could have been here sooner and found the kid(s).
  • if our car isn’t here make the house look like someone could be here, whether it is leaving music on in the kitchen, lights on etc.
  • lock our doors if we are home (if there is only one of us) and especially when we aren’t home. (yeah I know I repeated this one-but it is the most important one).
  • don’t divulge comings and goings online-not that we do this often but ya know “going to my parents for sunday dinner” has been something I have posted before.

Things I always thought I would do but didn’t: scream…lol Why didn’t I say something? In this day and age with drugs, kids who ‘don’t care’, teen-agers that will walk into your house with 4 barking dogs on your backdoor..you just can’t ever be too safe. I have since locked myself out of our house twice…but I would rather be locked out-than have another uninvited stranger. ……………..

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  1. OMG. Thank goodness no one got hurt. Something similar happened in our house years ago, but our doors were not unlocked, a guy broke in while my mom was home alone. she had just gotten back form the hospital and was resting in her bedroom while my dad went out to have her prescription filled. Luckily, the guy ran out then too.

  2. I remember having that feeling when living in the country. Big dogs inside and out were a must.

    I’m glad that you’re ok and I hope that you don’t have anymore uninvited visitors.

    1. Thank you Kallie for commenting. Today was a week since it happened…still practicing better safety- but feeling better at the same time.

    1. I was a mess :) All uptight- and for days any noise or the dogs barking made me 2nd guess everything. But a week later I am making sure to make better choices in locking the house when I am home etc. So feeling better.

  3. Becky this is so scary and I’m so glad that you are ok! We sometimes get comfortable with our surroundings and forget that things like this can happen! Be safe and thanks for the reminder to all of us to be safe!

    1. Thank you :). Well 2 things I realized (dogs don’t make you safe & lock your doors even though you live outside of town). I am glad he fled to-the what if’s are what drive me batty.

  4. I couldn’t imagine how scary that would be to have someone just to walk into your house like that. I wouldn’t know how to react either. Glad that you are ok though. You gave some good tips on how to be safe while at home or not. I usually keep the screen doors locked when it’s just me here and I don’t open my door to anyone that I’m not expecting. If I know that we are staying out after it gets dark, we turn on the lights in the house too and I definitely don’t post the whereabouts of where I’m at online detail wise because I think that is just too much personal info for just anyone to see.

    1. Well Jenn I don’t think they will catch him; its been a week and must be they (he) didn’t try to walk in anyone else’s home…but we have changed our ways here in the outside of town… I lived in town for 11 years and never had this happen… so much for being outside of town and having 5 dogs (well 4 that I thought would protect me).lol

  5. Very frightening. I was going to comment about how (while this is not YOUR fault) imperative it is to keep your doors locked ALL THE TIME. No matter what. I used to work for a county prosecutor and, trust me, you want your doors locked when you’re home in the middle of the day. You also don’t want your doors unlocked while you’re out in your yard, or in the garage, or what-have-you. It is a misnomer that crime is more prevalent at night. It is NOT.

    A few weeks ago, my mom was surprised by a casual acquaintance who just strolled in the house because the screen door was unlocked and the inside door was wide open. She was like, “The nerve!” And I said, well, it’s not really “the nerve” you should be thinking about….it’s the vulnerability when you are saying, “Hey, I’m home, and the door is most likely unlocked!” Because most people don’t lock their screen doors…they think, “Who in the world just walks into a house like that?” Um, mentally unstable people, criminals, people who would do you harm…that’s who. LOCK YOUR DOORS ALL THE TIME. The best advice you can ever give (and live by) and the best thing you can do for the safety of your family, yourself, and your home. Don’t get me started on windows…

    P.S. I’m glad nothing happened…but I can only imagine how frightening.

    1. I totally get you Kristin! My past thoughts are no longer valid; and we have changed the way we do things… I appreciate your comment!

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